Article I
This organization shall be called The American Music Society.

Article II
The object of this society is to advance the interests of musical art by the serious preparation and performance of classical music.

Article III
The membership of the Society shall be performing members, non-performing members, student members and honorary members.

Article IV
The active year of the Society shall consist of a set number of recitals/meetings to be held between the months of October and May inclusive. The dates and number of recitals/meetings will be determined yearly by the Executive Board. Social events may be added as determined yearly by the Executive Board.

Article V
Officers of the Society shall be:
1. President
2. Vice President (Programs Committee Chairperson)
3. Secretary (Bylaws Committee Chairperson)
4. Treasurer (Membership Committee Chairperson)

Article VI
Standing Committees shall be:
1. Programs
2. Hospitality
3. Yearbook
4. Historian
5. Publicity
6. Membership
7. Scholarship – The Executive Board will review on a yearly basis the viability of this committee and activate or deactivate this program as needed.

Article VII
The Executive Board shall consist of:
1. All officers
2. Immediate Past President
3. Chairpersons of Standing Committees
4. Up to three At-large Members

Article VIII
A Society Quorum shall consist of one-third or more members. An Executive Board Quorum shall consist of one-half or more members of the Executive Board.